Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hey Friend! Long Time No See

So it's been a while since I posted.  Life tends to get busier than usual starting in September. The hubby's and my birthdays are in September.  Plus it is the end of the fiscal year at our jobs, which means I work alot from then until October.  The end of October sees our anniversary and annual children's Halloween party...not to mention Halloween itself.  Fall craft shows start around then too, so I'm busy trying to prepare for them.  Then comes Thanksgiving, followed quickly by Timothy's birthday and Christmas festivities.  Before I know it, Christmas is here along with New Year's.  And to top it all off, this year we discovered I was expecting again.  So I needed some time for a minor freak-out in there too.  All is good now as I prepare for Jacob's first birthday (I can't believe it) and gear up for being pregnant during a Texas summer (something I have always dreaded)!

Despite all of this, I have been busy crafting as much as time allows.  Typically it has been in preparation for one event or another, but I've gotten some other things done too.  For a while I'll be playing catch up showing off my creations.

First up is the cover to Project Life 2013!  I started Project Life in 2012 and am behind.  I still got more documented in one year than I have in the past. So I decided to keep trying. One thing I did learn is the variety of pocket sizes didn't work for me. One half of page always worked for the photos I had (hence why I chose it), but the back-side of the page didn't necessarily match the next week's photos.  This became a major stumbling block for me personally.

What's a girl to do?  This post from My Mind's Eye blog really helped me.  For 2013 I've decided to stick with 4x6 mini-pages.  I only order those pocket pages for Project Life, the Seafoam Core Kit, and the Seafoam 12x12 paper pack.  My plan is to make 4x6 pages to use with wallet photos or for journaling or use 4x6 photos.  I also am not going to force myself to use two pages for a week or even one page. I'll just create as many mini-pages as need to tell the story of that week.  Maybe its just one with all journaling because I sucked at taking pictures that week.  Maybe it is 3 pages worth because we had lots going on.   Who knows?  I certainly don't. I do know that instead of trying to fit into some box, I'm going to fit the  box around me.  Hopefully this will keep me better on track for 2013.

Here is the cover page for The Lala Family Project Life 2013 ...

Supplies: Seafoam Core Kit (Becky Higgins Project Life), Dew drops, Alphabet stickers (Thickers by American Craft)
Family photo by A Joy Photography

I love the simplicity of it.  The family photo is printed to 8"x 10", which I cut into quarters.  To make each piece fit in the pocket, I add a thin strip of a card from the Seafoam Core Kit.  The two cards at the bottom are from the Core Kit as well.  Some Thickers for our family name and year and some dew drops complete the page. Nothing too fancy, but something very us!

As always, TFL and keep creating!