Monday, February 27, 2012

Perfect Gifts

Pinterest is the perfect gift guide.  This past September when my birthday was coming up, I started prodding my husband to think about my gifts.  He likes to wait until the last minute then gets frustrated because he has to order everything.  So then he has nothing to give me on my actual birthday except to say “It’s on the way…”  Or he ends up buying me crafting stuff – which I love – but then gets upset when he finds out I already have it.  I’ve tried explaining that in crafting duplicates are usually okay.  One can never have enough grungeboard or other Tim Holtz supplies!
How many ladies know what I’m talking about? 
So this year, I said, “Here’s my Pinterest account info.  Check out a few of my boards…they have perfect ideas for things I want.  For outfits, you could print out one of the pictures, go to store and ask a sales lady to help you put together that outfit.   Just pay attention to my comments – in case I don’t like the shoes or something!”
He said “Ok.”  And then I heard nothing else…
When my actual birthday rolled around, work was chaotic and it fell on Thursday which is jammed pack with activities.  I wasn’t expecting much…figured we would celebrate on the weekend.  Instead I came home to this….
My favorite flowers  - colorful Gerber daises, my favorite food – pizza (with mushrooms and tomatoes!!), and lots of neatly wrapped packages.  I was excited, even though he couldn’t tell.  You would think he would know after 7 yrs together, the quieter I am, the more touched and happy I am.  He likes to go for the “OMG!!  THAT’S AMAZING!”  reaction, which I don’t generally do.  So what was in those cool packages?  These awesome pins ….
Source: via Cassaundra on Pinterest

And just to prove this all really came from my husband, I did get one “Well, I had something else, but it didn’t get here yet.  It’s on the way.”  That turned out to be this…

I wore my top and bird necklace the next day to the Creating Keepsakes Convention in San Marcos - a birthday present to myself with my mom.  She loved the outfit and I got complimented so many times.  Strangers were stopping me to say they loved the top and then they would notice the necklace.  Made me feel pretty good that day.
Now to actually review the pins.  The top was from Ruche and my husband said it was easy to find and purchase.  It fit well and I have no complaints.  The bird necklace was equally easy to purchase.  Love my necklace!  The owl necklace was a bit harder to find.  My husband ended up using Google to find a place to purchase it.  Then it was shipped from China, hence the delay.  Now we keep getting catalogs from this company.  But the necklace itself was exactly as pictured.  The chain is a little long, so I’ve been thinking about switching it out for a shorter one.  Not a big deal.
TFL and keep creating!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pinterest….have you heard of it?

Pinterest is an amazing website that is all the rage right now.  I’ve been on Pinterest for a while and love it!  It is a way to pin your interests…Pinterest!  Instead of emailing yourself tons of different links to websites and later trying to remember why, Pinterest is a pictorial way to organize those links.  To top all off, you don’t even have to leave Pinterest to find plenty of cool things!  Learn more about Pinterest here. 
Pinterest is very addicting to say the least.  I was adding pins constantly, but my boards were quickly becoming a collection of ideas.  I wanted to do these things, not just look at them.  And then it was New Year’s and I had a perfect resolution.  Once a week I will do one of the many things I pinned.  Once a week hasn’t worked out so well, but I having been completing projects.   It feels great to get things done and keeps me motivated.  I actually went to a pinterest party and completed several home d├ęcor projects. Look for a detailed post later.
What does this mean for the blog?  First, I’ve added a “Follow Button” on the sidebar so you can follow me and then I’ll start following you!  Second, I will add “Pin It” buttons to my creations so you can easily add them to Pinterest.  Third, look for a new series where I “review” a pin I have done!  First post in this series should be coming out within a week.
In the meantime,
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